PRECISE Selling Advanced

Master Advanced Consultative Selling to Inspire Buyers

Buyers today are inundated with information, which means sales teams need advanced skills to stand out. Our PRECISE Selling program teaches your team how to develop and share insights that inspire buyers, and become true change agents.

PRECISE Advanced, our advanced consultative selling program, empowers your team to leverage the power of ideas and insights to inspire buyers, drive change, and differentiate your brand based on the value you bring to the table.

Here are some compelling reasons why PRECISE Selling is a game-changer for your team:

  • 3x more often, sales winners educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives than second-place finishers.
  • 64% of companies feel their sellers lack the advanced consultative selling skills required to win business consistently.

Your buyers value new ideas and insights, yet most sellers struggle to consistently deliver them.
Get started with PRECISE Selling today and discover how to develop and share unique insights that inspire buyers, shape agendas, and drive better decisions.

Training Module Approach

We offer a modular approach to PRECISE Selling with more than 100 portable and customizable blocks. Our training programs are tailored to your team’s specific needs, providing the content, tools, and cohorts required to inspire buyers with new ideas. Our modules can help your team master the skills necessary to differentiate and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

  • Getting Started with PRECISE Selling
  • High Level Communication Skills
  • Posture, Attitude and Enthusiasm
  • Building a Compelling Case for ROI
  • Understanding Buyer Perspectives
  • Adapting Communication for Different Personalities
  • Preparation and Research
  • Respect and Trust
  • Engage with Questions
  • Convey Your Solution
  • Indecision: Help them Overcome It
  • Securing Agreement
  • Delivering Convincing Proposal Presentations
  • Exploring for Referrals and Up-Sells

Explore our comprehensive range of sales training programs that cover all aspects of the sales cycle, including prospecting, presentation skills, virtual selling, major sales, account management, and sales management.

Customized PRECISE Selling Training Tailored for Adult Learning

Our Strategic Account Management Training program is designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. Each modular block focuses on a specific topic and includes  introductory work, face-to-face training sessions, tasks, and one-on-one support. Our training methodology is specifically designed to ensure that participants retain what they learn, adopt new behaviors, and achieve tangible results.

  • Expand Your Knowledge

    Our training program starts with Brief learning units, video-based lessons, and skill-building exercises. to introduce participants to essential concepts before attending the classroom sessions. This pre-work is designed to help learners understand and engage with the material, making the most of their classroom experience.

  • Team up and exercise

    Our program utilizes Compact Educational Units and Multimedia Content to support Techniques to Help Sales Professionals Remember What They’ve Learned. Our Practical Assignments let sales professionals practice using new skills in real-life sales settings, ensuring on-the-job utilization and increasing confidence.

  • Participate and Train

    Our classroom sessions are engaging and collaborative, designed for both Online and On-Site delivery. With a strong focus on Hands-On Experience, Implementation, and Review, participants learn to put theory into action and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

  • Optimize

    Our Workplace Skills Coaching assists sales professionals between sessions with Improving abilities, increasing self-assurance, and ensuring practical usage. Through expert guidance and accountability, we help participants optimize their abilities and meet their objectives.

    Once the curriculum is completed, sales professionals are provided with coaching and held responsible for implementing their Freshly gained competencies and embedding new behaviors through our Skill Embedding Methodology.

Advice and assets for PRECISE Selling

Request a consultation today to explore your options.

Find out how our approach to training and behavior modification can enhance your team’s ability to engage in advanced consultative selling techniques.

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