Coaching for Movement and Accountability

Transform Your Team for Long-Term Success

What could your sales team achieve if they were always motivated, focused, and performing at their highest level? With Coaching for Movement and Accountability, sales leaders and managers can learn a proven process to help their teams develop effective action plans, stay focused, and excel.

Only 34% of individuals hold themselves accountable for doing what they say they will.

Only 8% of individuals can recover their focus after getting sidetracked from a task.

Only 12% of individuals have written goals.

In Coaching for Action and Accountability, sales leaders and coaches will gain the skills and tools needed to identify counterproductive habits and replace them with positive ones for themselves and their team. This program is an integral part of our Execution Assurance process, designed to change seller behavior and enhance specific sales skills. Ready to take the first step towards transforming your team's motivation and success? Launch a 90-Day Sales Achievement Challenge with Coaching for Action and Accountability today. Start Your Journey Now!

Customized Sales Coaching Modules for Skill Development

At our sales training program, we understand that every sales team is unique, which is why we take a modular approach to curriculum design. We provide tailored content, tools, and cohorts that are specific to your team’s needs. Our Coaching for Action and Accountability modules include:

  • Driving Team Change: Learn how to coach your team for long-term behavior change, productivity, and success.
  • Motivating My Team to Take Daily Action: Discover techniques to inspire your team to stay focused on the right activities day in and day out.
  • My Coaching for Action and Accountability Plan: Develop a customized plan for effective coaching and accountability with your team.
  • Execute! Kicking Off Coaching and Implementation: Learn how to launch a successful coaching program that drives results.
  • Managing and Coaching for Accountability: Master techniques to hold yourself and your team accountable to reach your goals.

Our full curriculum covers a range of modules that span the entire sales cycle, including prospecting, advanced consultative selling, virtual selling, winning major sales, account management, and sales management. To learn more about our suite of sales training programs, visit our website.

Sales Coaching Skills Training Tailored for the Adult Learner

Our sales coaching training is designed for adult learners, ensuring that each modular block contains all the necessary components for effective learning. From pre-work to classroom sessions, application assignments, and coaching, our modules are built to promote lasting change in behavior and results. Discover the Four-Step Process to Effective Sales Coaching Training
  • Prepare to Learn

    We deliver pre-work in bite-sized pieces, including micro-learning, video, and exercises to help participants grasp the key concepts before attending the classroom sessions.

  • Collaborate and Practice

    Our classroom sessions are highly interactive and encourage collaboration among participants, whether delivered in-person or virtually. Participants are given opportunities to practice and receive feedback to ensure skill mastery.

  • Reinforce and Apply

    We use micro-learning and videos to reinforce learning after the classroom sessions, and participants are given application assignments to apply new skills to live sales situations.

  • Refine and Execute

    Our application coaching sessions help sellers refine their skills and build confidence while being held accountable for implementing the new behaviors on the job. Our Execution Assurance process ensures that new skills are retained and made permanent.
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“This training program is not limited to sales, but it has a significant impact on sales success. It was the most effective sales training we’ve received so far. We observed visible changes in the team’s behavior, and they implemented what they learned. The virtual coaching sessions allowed us to continue our discussions and ensure that everyone remained accountable for their improvements. The training was unconventional, and its benefits extended beyond work, positively impacting our personal lives as well.”

Nicole Louderback, Director of Commercial Sales, SAGE Publishing.

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