Lead Sales Conversations

Master successful sales conversations with consultative selling skills.

Successful sales heavily depend on the quality of the conversations between buyers and sellers, and common errors made by sellers can lead to lost sales opportunities.

Our PRECISE Selling Training programs will teach your team can acquire the skills necessary to conduct effective sales conversations from start to finish.

This program focuses on introducing essential strategies and tactics and developing the necessary selling skills your team needs to become top performers.

Only 26% of buyers feel that sellers effectively conduct needs discovery.

#1 Consultative selling skills make the most significant difference between top performers and everyone else.

Only 16% of buyers recognize sellers as skilled in making a compelling ROI case.

The difference is apparent – sellers are not excelling in the key areas that matter most to buyers.

PRECISE Selling: fundamentals of Consultative Selling bridges this gap and provide your team with the necessary skills to uncover the complete range of buyer needs, create effective solutions, and present a strong business case to secure the sale.


  • Overview of Consultative Selling
  • Conducting a thorough needs analysis
  • Relationship Building
  • Assessing the impact and return on investment
  • Developing a Value Proposition Positioning Statement
  • Dealing with objections
  • Creating mini-stories that sell
  • Change blueprint for buyers
  • Interacting with different personalities
  • Factors to Consider in the Sale
  • Convincing and Persuasion in Sales
  • Use trust-building techniques to close deals
  • Learn the skill of Sales Collaboration
  • Making a good presentation to win
  • Buyer's Perspective on Value

Our comprehensive curriculum covers all the sales cycle stages, ranging from prospecting and basic selling techniques to advanced consultative selling, virtual selling, winning significant sales, account management, and sales management. Find out more about our range of sales training programs.