Succeed Selling Virtually

Organize and lead the highest-performing sales meetings virtually.

The sales industry has been transformed indefinitely from its original form.

Virtual sales success requires your sales team to develop a new skill set and adopt a distinct sales approach that deviates significantly from the traditional face-to-face selling system.

Approximately 16% to 34% of sellers succeed in the four areas influencing buyer purchase decisions most heavily.

It is estimated that only 16% to 34% of sellers do well in the four areas that impact buyer purchasing decisions.

Sellers need help to connect with buyers, keep them engaged, change their viewpoints, and work collaboratively with them while operating in virtual environments.

89% of consumers report experiencing technology problems when buying online.

Just 16% of buyers can effectively present a compelling return on investment (ROI) proposition.

88% of sellers find it challenging to build relationships with buyers virtually.

Our Online Selling program can assist your team in seamlessly adapting to virtual sales while providing them with the essential techniques to effectively sway and leave a favorable impression on potential buyers in the digital realm.

Building block approach to Developing Virtual Selling Skills

Using more than 70 portable and flexible modules, we team up with you to create bespoke curriculums encompass consultative selling content. Our tools, content, and cohorts are tailored to your unique context. The Online Selling program includes a variety of modules, such as:

  • Achieving Excellence in Online Sales Meetings
  • Using Virtual Persuasion to Persuade
  • Setting Your Online Selling Up for Success
  • Virtually strengthening and deepening relationships
  • Boosting Your Reputation
  • Online Selling Technology
  • Managing virtual collaborations with buyers