Virtual Selling

Maximize success in your virtual sales meetings by becoming a skilled leader.

The sales landscape has transformed,

Traditional methods are no longer sufficient. With the shift to virtual selling, your sales team requires new skills and approaches to achieve success.

Only a small percentage, ranging from 16% to 34% of salespeople perform well in the four areas that have the greatest impact on a buyer’s purchasing decisions.

Sellers also face significant obstacles in establishing connections virtually, maintaining buyer interest, altering buyers’ perspectives, and collaborating with them in a virtual setting.

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    Technology problems have been experienced by 89% of buyers when buying virtually

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    Only 16% of buyers believe that virtual sellers possess the ability to make a compelling ROI case

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    88% of sellers find it challenging to establish relationships with buyers virtually.

Empower your team to succeed in virtual selling with our comprehensive Virtual Selling program. Our training equips your team with the skills and strategies necessary to effectively engage and persuade buyers online.

Building block approach to Developing Virtual Selling Skills

We provide over 100 portable, modular blocks to design custom curricula for your team’s virtual selling training. Our tailored virtual selling modules equip your team with the tools, content, and cohorts to lead successful virtual sales meetings.

  • Learn to lead exceptional Meetings for sales conducted online
  • Build persuasive skills to succeed in Selling in a virtual environment
  • Establishing the Foundation for Successful Virtual Selling.
  • Developing and enhancing virtual relationships.
  • Enhancing and expanding your reputation.
  • Utilizing Technology in Web Selling
  • Captivating Online Buyers with Graphics

Refining Building Connections Remotely with Buyers

We have a complete set of training modules covering every aspect of the sales process, from prospecting to advanced consultative selling, virtual selling, winning major sales, account management, and sales management.

Explore our range of sales training programs to find the right fit for your team.

Customized Virtual Selling Training Tailored for Adult Learning

Our Strategic Account Management Training program is designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. Each modular block focuses on a specific topic and includes  introductory work, face-to-face training sessions, tasks, and one-on-one support. Our training methodology is specifically designed to ensure that participants retain what they learn, adopt new behaviors, and achieve tangible results.

  • Expand Your Knowledge

    Our training program starts with compact modules, video-based lessons, and skill-building exercises. to introduce participants to essential concepts before attending the classroom sessions. This pre-work is designed to help learners understand and engage with the material, making the most of their classroom experience.

  • Team up and exercise

    Our program utilizes Compact Modules and Multimedia Content to support Techniques to Help Sales Professionals Remember What They’ve Learned. Our Practical Assignments let sales professionals practice using new skills in real-life sales settings, ensuring on-the-job utilization and increasing confidence.

  • Participate and Train

    Our classroom sessions are engaging and collaborative, designed for both Online and On-Site delivery. With a strong focus on Hands-On Experience, Implementation, and Review, participants learn to put theory into action and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

  • Optimize

    Our Coaches assist sales professionals between sessions with Improving abilities, increasing self-assurance, and ensuring practical usage. Through expert guidance and accountability, we help participants optimize their abilities and meet their objectives.


Once the curriculum is completed, sales professionals are provided with coaching and held responsible for implementing their Freshly gained competencies and embedding new behaviors through our Skill Embedding Methodology

Achieve success like our satisfied clients.

BDO achieved more than $16 million in pipeline with the help of 36 team members.

Following a successful multi-year partnership with Precise Group, BDO sought to advance its business development training program to the next level.

BDO partnered with Precise Group to design a tailored Pod Program, where attendees engaged in sessions over a 5-month period. They shared and discussed business development concepts, applied their learning in practice, and reviewed their progress. The program included sessions on Precise Selling, Prospecting, Extreme Productivity, and Virtual Selling to provide comprehensive training.

After implementing the customized Pod Program in collaboration with Precise Group, BDO has achieved remarkable outcomes. With only 36 participants, the program has generated almost $17 million in new pipeline, and the program has become so popular that there is currently a waitlist for future participants. This success has continued for three years now, demonstrating the significant impact of the program.

Advice and assets for efficient Virtual Selling

Elevate Your Team’s Sales with Virtual Selling Training

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with our proven Virtual selling training. Our transformational approach to training and behavior change can help you develop the critical skills your team needs to succeed.