Unlock Hidden Sales Streams

We specialize in helping businesses reach their full sales potential through the following:

  • Award-winning training that transforms behavior and drives superior results
  • Establishing and Implementing strategic account management strategies
  • Crafting, improving, and refining sales strategy, structure, processes, messaging, and personnel
  • Enhancing the performance of sales leadership.


Brian Sullivan, CSP, is one of the most well-known speakers, trainers and consultants in North America. Prior to starting PRECISE SellingTM, he worked for medical device manufacturer Welch Allyn, where he developed their award-winning sales and leadership training programs. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association and an internationally known expert on sales, leadership, and presentation and negotiation skills. Brian is one of less than 7 percent of professional speakers worldwide to have earned the Certified Speaking Professional Designation awarded by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers

He has been published in over 250 magazines and is the author of the book, 20 Days to the Top- How the PRECISE SellingTM Formula Will Make You Your Company’s Top Sales Performer in 20 Days or Less as well as PRECISE Leadership- The New Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Great Leader. Brian also co-hosts radio show/podcast Golf Underground on ESPN with MLB Hall of Famer George Brett where he gets to interview high achievers in sports and life.


Brian Sullivan

Gary DiLeo: VP of Sales Training

With over 27 years of Sales Leadership and Coaching experience with Bose Corporation-
Gary focuses on enabling your team to effectively communicate your brand and product messaging with exceptional clarity. He is also the Author of ‘Say This, Get That!- a communication book designed to unlock the full communication potential of sales and leadership teams.’

Gary DiLeo

Webb Hayes: CFO

Prior to PRECISE Selling, Mr. Hayes was with a single family office (SFO) where he was responsible for portfolio management, asset allocation and cash flow planning; as well as for evaluating existing and prospective investments. Prior to joining Rooney, Mr. Hayes spent nearly two decades as part of the investment banking teams at FBR Capital Markets and Stifel Financial, where he focused on financial advisory work related to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures as well as various public and private capital market raises. He has advised on over $5 billion of transaction activity.

Webb Hayes

Elevate Your Sales Performance

PRECISE Performance Path

Our sales training programs provide a comprehensive approach to the sales process, covering everything from lead generation to consultative selling, negotiation tactics, extensive deal-closing strategies, productivity improvement, strategic account management, and sales coaching and management development.

Our system concentrates on assessment and customization to ensure the learning process doesn’t stop after just one time. With ongoing coaching and support, your team can witness real behavior change, leading to outstanding sales results.

Proven Results-Based Approaches

Based over 30 years of research, all of our programs are founded on the latest research & real-world evidence of what works and what doesn’t in modern sales. Our programs are a carefully crafted blend of theory and practical application, validated through global field testing to bring you only what works in the ever-evolving sales world.

Worldwide Presence

Expand your sales reach with a partner with a finger on the world’s pulse. We know that sales success is a delicate dance, and every culture has its own unique rhythm. That’s why our local delivery teams are equipped to customize our training to fit your team’s specific beat, delivering it in a language that truly connects.

Our training has already reached 35 countries and counting, making us a truly worldwide partner for your sales success.

Customized Solutions

Different organizations have different sales cultures and dynamics of sales. To maximize the impact of training, we work collaboratively with you to customize it and make it relevant and engaging for your sellers.

Here’s what you can expect from our process:

Review and evaluation: We immerse ourselves in your business, reviewing documents and materials and conducting a comprehensive analysis of your sales team and training needs.

Conducting interviews: Key players have a front-row seat in our customization journey as we engage in meaningful conversations that help us grasp your objectives, customers, markets, solutions, and challenges.

Training: Using cutting-edge research, we craft personalized training scenarios, case studies, role plays, and tools designed specifically for your team.

Implementation: Our workbook, tools, and reinforcement materials undergo a seamless transformation, fully integrating all customizations and keeping training relevant and effective.


Navigating the Sales Process with Ease

The complex sale is like climbing a mountain – a long, challenging ascent with many twists and turns. The journey to closing a complex sale is marked by lengthy processes, high stakes, and the need to bring multiple decision-makers on board. And the products or services themselves can be difficult and sophisticated, adding another layer of difficulty to the climb.

But we’ve got the gear and the know-how to help you reach the top. We specialize in supporting companies that face the unique challenges of complex sales across industries like professional services, finance, technology, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. We understand the complexities of the complex sale and are here to help you overcome them.

Initiate Transformational Growth

Enhance your sales team’s performance and drive growth with PRECISE Selling’s sales training and improvement programs. Our offerings will equip your sellers with the skills to lead impactful sales conversations, improve win rates, secure favorable agreements, and drive success at strategic accounts. Transform your sales approach and achieve game-changing results.

15 Essential Sales Training Stats

  1. Companies in the United States have spent an estimated $70 billion on training per year. [Source: Salesforce]
  2. Companies that invest in training are 57% more effective at sales than their competitors. [Source: Task Drive]
  3. On an individual level, sales training can boost sales representatives’ performance by an average of 20%. [Source: Spotio]
  4. Sales training reaps a staggering 353% ROI for the average company.
    Or you can think of it this way: for every $1 your company spends on training, you can get up to $4.53 in return! [Source: Task Drive]
  5. Continuous training is said to result in 50% higher net sales per sales rep.
    Successful sales teams are created with continuous training, not one-off seminars. [Source: The Brevet Group]
  6. 80% of high-performing sales teams say they would rate their training as very good or outstanding.
    Thus proving that a well-executed sales onboarding program creates high-performing sales teams. [Source: Salesforce]
  7. High-growth companies are twice as likely to provide customized training to their employees, depending on their sales.
    Personalized training is believed to be the future of sales training. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all programs, companies should work towards offering experiential opportunities that are attuned to the sales rep’s skill set and interests. [Source: Uplead]
  8. Only 17% of companies say they have an effective training program. [Source: Task Drive]
  9. Over a quarter of all sales representatives say that their company’s sales training offered little to no benefits in their productivity.
    A good number of sales training programs only cover basic sales skills, leaving sales forces to learn on the job. [Source: Task Drive]
  10. Companies will spend an average of $10,000 to $15,000 to hire one employee but will only shell out $2,000 in sales training per year.
    This is perhaps the biggest indicator of why over a quarter of sales reps are disappointed in their training programs. Without proper funding, the quality of training programs suffers. [Source: Uplead]
  11. Nearly 70% of all salespeople say they have not received any formal training in sales – instead, they describe themselves as “self-taught social sellers”.
    This means there is a huge opportunity for those looking to offer sales training services as a business. [Source: Task Drive]
  12. Almost half (46%) of sales reps didn’t plan on establishing a career in sales initially.
    As such, a huge chunk of junior sales representatives need effective sales coaching before they can be ready. After all, not everyone has the instincts or selling skill sets necessary from the outset. [Source: Uplead]
  13. For the majority of sales professionals, 84% of their sales training is forgotten within three months.
    As mentioned, continuous training is important for a company’s overall performance. I [Source: Spotio]
  14. For 59% of American companies, the biggest obstacle to providing effective sales training is accountability.
    When sales representatives are not held accountable for applying the skills they gathered from the program, their training easily goes to waste. [Source: Brain Shark]
  15. Sales enablement can lead to a 6% to 20% increase in sales.
    High-performing sales organizations invest in sales enablement services.