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Companies that invest in PRECISE SellingTM on average experience a 57% higher net sales per employee compared to companies that don’t invest in training. And companies using PRECISE SellingTM on average reap a staggering 353% ROI on their training investment. And we help companies get there in 20 Days or Less. Immediately after our PRECISE SellingTM Performance Academy Bootcamp, your people will commit to daily incremental call and behavioral improvements. Our simple sales process is easy to learn and easy to deliver…which means big results come quickly.

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Stand aware of accomplishments, stay awake to achieve more.

  • $400m+

    Capital Raised

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    Unicorn Branded

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Keynote/Breakout Topics

Brian Sullivan, CSP doesn’t deliver cookie-cutter keynotes and breakouts. He first develops a deep understanding of your theme and meeting objectives.

  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Innovation/Change
  • Many More

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Transform Sales Outcomes with Our Award-Winning Training Program.

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    Selling Techniques

    Lead with Confidence - Transform your sales approach and confidently steer conversations to success.

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    Cutting-Edge Consultative Sales Strategies

    Wow your prospects with innovative ideas and stand out from the crowd as a sales leader.

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    Strategic Account Growth and Protection

    Maximize your impact on key accounts by expanding your presence, increasing market share, and safeguarding valuable relationships.

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    Effective Sales Lead Generation

    Fill your pipeline with high-quality sales opportunities by proactively seeking and engaging potential leads.

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    Maximizing Sales Success

    Boost your sales potential and ensure a seamless process for your team to follow for maximum wins.

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    Virtual Sales Excellence

    Seamlessly switch to virtual selling and lead meetings that captivate and convert.

Video Lessons From Our Founder Brian Sullivan, CSP


Small incremental improvements each day can add up to significant progress over time. By consistently making even small advancements, one can achieve long-term goals, improve skills, and develop better habits. Additionally, small daily improvements can help build momentum and increase motivation, making it easier to continue making progress towards larger objectives. Overall, the value of small incremental improvements each day lies in your people’s ability to create a positive ripple effect that can lead to meaningful results over time.

And we guarantee our performance. If your company doesn’t make at least triple our consulting fee in profits, we will refund your money or offer training and coaching in perpetuity until we do.

Our Competitive Advantage

PRECISE Selling Performance Path

PRECISE Selling Formula

The formula is easy to learn, remember and use. A repeatable process ensures that the same steps are followed (but don’t sound scripted) which results in consistent outcomes. This consistency helps to build trust with clients and helps create more productive conversations that lead to curiosity and client urgency.

  • Preparation
  • Respect and Trust
  • Engage with Questions
  • Convey Solution
  • Indecision
  • Secure Agreement
  • Explore

Reach New Heights with PRECISE Selling

We collaborate with you to establish clear and specific objectives that align with your crucial business performance indicators. We guarantee that progress is monitored, accomplished, and regularly enhanced.

Check out some of the remarkable results we’ve helped our clients attain:

  • Medical Manufacturer grew 10x in just three years
  • Staffing company grew from $90 million in revenue to $1.3 Billion in five years
  • One of the world’s biggest financial companies reduced the time it took a lead to move through their sales funnel from 93 to 27 days

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