PRECISE Selling In-House Licensing Program.

You will get complete access to our full range of award-winning sales training programs, including both instructor-led and virtual training, as well as online learning resources, and learning journeys that cater to the needs of your entire sales team.

Maximize your return on investment with our Client Success Team, who facilitate seamless integration and implementation of these valuable resources throughout your sales organization.

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Customizable to Your Requirements

You will have complete access to PRECISE Selling’s content in every format, including virtual learning, instructor-led training, and reinforcement. We collaborate with you to develop personalized learning paths for your diverse sales roles.

Value for money

Visionary pricing lets you lower the cost of training per person and improve training outcomes. You can access PRECISE Selling’s complete range of sales training programs for almost the same cost as a single license.

Award-Winning Sales Training

PRECISE Selling’s unparalleled intellectual property and education system are the catalysts behind significant sales performance and results improvements. Through PRECISE Selling Online, you can enjoy full access to our award-winning content and training materials.

What's Included

Access over 100 training modules on topics such as Preparation, Discovery, Story-Selling, Virtual Presentation Skills, Overcoming Objections, Technology Sales Tips, Linkedin Selling and tons more.

  • Access 10 of the most powerful sales training programs available, including PRECISE Selling, Insight Selling, Winning Major Sales, PRECISE Sales Negotiation, Strategic Account Management, Precise Sales Management, Extreme Productivity Challenge, and more.
  • Access to a library of 90-minute virtual instructor-led training (vILT) delivery modules organized into 9 unique learning streams.
  • 88 individual eLearning lessons spread out across 9 courses, covering all aspects of sales.
  • 5 core sales strategy, conversation, and planning tools, including the Strategic Account Planner, Sales Opportunity Planner, and Sales Goal Planner, among others.
  • An Extreme Productivity Assessment with options for both individual and multi-rater feedback.
  • 24 sales-driving guides, templates, and worksheets to help you put your new skills into practice.
  • Get access to PRECISE Group Center for Sales Research reports and briefs to stay informed of the newest trends in the industry.
  • Facilitator guides and on-demand walkthroughs to support your primary training programs.
  • 33 coaching guides to enhance your eLearning experience

World-class Sales Training for Every Step Sales Cycle

The PRECISE Selling’s sales technique is highly rated and tested in the field, with a proven track record for hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, leaders, and professionals worldwide. PRECISE Selling Online offers:

  • PRECISE Selling: Consultative Selling Basic

    Our main consultative selling course equips sellers with the skills to guide effective sales discussions, from initial contact to finalizing the deal.

  • Expert-Level Consultative Salling

    The focal point of our advanced consultative selling program is to assist buyers in transforming their thinking, increasing in demand and opportunities won.

  • Account Maintenance and Support

    Discover the skills required to grow, infiltrate, and safeguard your vital and high-potential accounts.

  • Significant Sale Success

    Discover tactics and steps for optimizing sales victories and ensuring a consistent sales process for your entire team.

  • PRECISE Sales Leads

    Find out how to get leads and keep the sales pipeline full of good opportunities.

  • PRECISE Sales Negotiating Agreements

    Learn how to collaborate with buyers to reach the best possible agreements, overcome difficult objections, and secure the win.

  • Managing Sales Activities

    Help managers effectively manage, coach, and develop their teams to achieve outstanding sales performance.

  • Secrets of Unbeatable Productivity

    Help your team get better results by helping them stay motivated, manage time effectively, and promote a state of flow during task execution.

  • Motivation

    Leaders and managers develop coaching expertise to encourage sales team motivation, promote action, facilitate development, and attain victories.

  • Account Maintenance and Support

    Discover the techniques to increase revenue from existing accounts by utilizing a tried and tested process and an account growth planning tool.

Maximize the Benefits of Your Sales Training

The probability of Elite Performers having effective sales training is 3.6 times greater than that of The Rest.

Berely 30% of companies believe that their investment in sales training is good or excellent.

83% of businesses, consider their sales training to be inadequate or unproductive.

Based on our Top-Performing Sales Organization research, the majority of companies recognize that their sales training is inadequate. Nonetheless, Elite Performers are 3.6 times more probable than The Rest to acknowledge its effectiveness.

Elite Performers display notably superior sales aptitude, particularly in the domains of managing and securing sales opportunities, employing consultative selling techniques, generating leads, and expanding customer accounts. Their proficiency in these areas is nearly twice as likely to be present, setting them apart as top performers in the sales industry.

Elite performers are 2X more likely to report they have invested in sales training well or excellently compared to the rest of the group.

In addition, companies that prioritize sales training by dedicating adequate time and effort to it and providing comprehensive training across various sales skills often experience higher win rates, revenue growth, and sales goal achievement.

Achieve success like our satisfied clients.

Chatham Financial experiences a substantial 180% surge in their average deal size.

Chatham Financial partnered with PRECISE Selling to address the need for additional personnel in order to maintain growth, by acquiring new clients and expanding the existing ones.


PRECISE Selling created and executed a customized PRECISE Selling program for Chatham. They provided a Train the Trainer program for Chatham leaders with an instructor guide, coaching, and online learning programs. They also designed a year-long advanced sales curriculum with coaching for high-potential sellers. As a result, Chatham achieved the following key metrics:

  • 200% sales target on track
  • Over 180% increase in average deal size

Sales cycle decreased from 150 to 81 days

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