Sales Leadership Coaching

PRECISE Leadership focuses on the skills and techniques of positive coaching in an organizational setting, including active listening, observing and providing constructive feedback, reinforcing positive employee performance through recognition and praise, and teaching new skills.

PRECISE Leadership also focuses on change management and helping leaders not only be the leaders of change but also coach others through change. Co-authored by Colonel Kevin Benson, Director of Planning for Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as the Army Staff and Command College in Leavenworth, KS,  the book teaches:​

  •  How to create inspired and motivated employees (associates)
  •  How the leader’s posture and tone affect company culture
  •  Three miliary lessons that can be used to create inspired teams
  •  How to coach CHANGE and Innovation
  •  Three essential coaching steps that will help you retain “A” employees
  •  More


A great coach can be the key to unlocking a salesperson’s full potential. Let us guide your team to success by providing direct coaching or equipping your sales managers with the skills to lead our proven coaching process, designed to bring top performance to the forefront.

Maximizing the impact of training and promoting lasting change in seller behavior is possible with the help of sales coaching. Our coaching process focuses on enhancing the skills of your sales team, strengthening the concepts learned in training, and keeping sellers on track with their goals and action plan.

Our coaching process establishes a consistent flow, where coaches work with the team to devise goal and action plans, craft winning strategies, sharpen their skills, and stay driven and on track. By having a coach by their side, sellers won’t just hit their targets; they’ll consistently exceed them.

Our Unique Sales Coaching Strategy

Boost your team’s growth and solidify training’s impact. With our 90-day coaching program, we’ll assist you in fostering accountability, transforming behavior and habits, and unlocking the sales potential in your sellers. Our sales coaching options include the following:

  • Personal Coaching

    Equip your team of sellers with the tools they need to excel by upgrading their skills and guiding them to adopt effective behaviors that drive top performance.

  • Team Coaching

    Your team will collaborate to boost training effectiveness, enhance sales skills, and cultivate positive behavioral changes to achieve desired outcomes.

  • Sales Deal Coaching

    Formal and informal coaching in your organization can drive success by assisting individuals and teams to rethink their deal-making approach & win critical opportunities.

  • Account Management Training

    Empower your account managers with the skills and strategies they need to grow targeted accounts and enhance their account management expertise.

  • Accountability and Performance Coaching

    Drive success in your team’s sales efforts with our 90-day program that reinforces training and promotes learning retention through consistent coaching, leading to sellers staying on target.

  • Coaching Future Coach

    Motivate your sales managers to become top performers with this proven coaching process that enables them to influence sellers, maximize productivity, and achieve exceptional results.