Sales Coaching

Unlock Your Team's Sales Potential with PRECISE Leadership and Coaching

Sales teams today face a range of challenges, including missed sales goals and lost opportunities. Sales coaching is an effective way to tackle these issues, but many sales managers struggle to implement a productive coaching system.

With PRECISE Leadership, sales leaders can learn how to develop the skills necessary to coach their teams effectively and achieve their greatest sales potential. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Sales coaching that helps your team manage their time and day effectively
  • Training to help your team meet their sales goals
  • Increased sales opportunities and better conversion rates

The Facts Speak for Themselves:

  • 66%

    66% of companies believe their teams lack the skills needed to manage and coach sellers effectively

  • 2.4x

    Elite performers are 2.4x more likely than the rest to agree that sales managers and leaders are effective at maximizing selling energy.

  • 64%

    64% of companies believe their sellers struggle with managing their time, focus, and personal effectiveness.

At PRECISE, we understand that sales coaching is critical to improving sales performance. That’s why we offer the knowledge, skills, and tools sales managers need to coach their teams to top performance.

Ready to Transform Your Sales Leaders into Effective Sales Coaches?

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Empower Your Sales Coaching with Modular Skill Development Approach

At Precise, we believe in providing a flexible and modular approach to sales coaching skill development. Our extensive library of over 70 portable blocks enables us to quickly design custom curricula for the types of sales coaching conversations your managers lead. We personalize our content, tools, and cohorts to meet the unique needs of your business world. Our sales coaching modules include the following:


  • Top-Performer: Becoming a Top-Performing Sales Coach
  • Collaboration: Leading Masterful Sales Coaching Conversations
  • Megaphone: Motivating My Team to Take Daily Action
  • Coaching: Managing and Coaching for Accountability
  • Execute: Execute! Kicking Off Coaching and Implementation
  • Star: Developing My Team into Sales Superstars
  • Team-People: Driving Team Change: Coaching for Action and Accountability
  • Plan: My Coaching for Action and Accountability Plan

We offer a comprehensive curriculum of modules across the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to advanced consultative selling, virtual selling, winning major sales, account management, and sales management.

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Tailored Sales Coaching Training for Adult Learners

Our sales coaching training is designed for adult learners, ensuring that each modular block contains all the necessary components for effective learning. From pre-work to classroom sessions, application assignments, and coaching, our modules are built to promote lasting change in behavior and results.

Discover the Four-Step Process to Effective Sales Coaching Training

  • Prepare to Learn

    We deliver pre-work in bite-sized pieces, including micro-learning, video, and exercises to help participants grasp the key concepts before attending the classroom sessions.

  • Collaborate and Practice

    Our classroom sessions are highly interactive and encourage collaboration among participants, whether delivered in-person or virtually. Participants are given opportunities to practice and receive feedback to ensure skill mastery.

  • Reinforce and Apply

    We use micro-learning and videos to reinforce learning after the classroom sessions, and participants are given application assignments to apply new skills to live sales situations.

  • Refine and Execute

    Our application coaching sessions help sellers refine their skills and build confidence while being held accountable for implementing the new behaviors on the job. Our Execution Assurance process ensures that new skills are retained and made permanent.



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