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Companies that invest in PRECISE Selling are 57% more effective at sales than their competitors.

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Your sales team is the cornerstone of your company’s growth. Equipping them with the right tools, coaching, and resources is essential for their success, including sales training programs that enhance skills and drive behavioral change.

At PRECISE Selling, we collaborate with organizations to deliver top-notch sales training. Our programs align with your key business metrics, helping you achieve your targets and see meaningful results. Watch the video to discover how PRECISE Selling is transforming sales training.

Sales Training Doesn’t Need to be Boring!

You know that look on your seasoned salesperson’s face when they hear they have to “go through” sales training. FACT: Our biggest fans are the seasoned vets. Because our coaches were/are top performing seasoned vets themselves (and they don’t talk down to the audience), we build respect and trust, bring the walls down, and get to work. Our sessions are more like an interactive podcast than a high school classroom.

PRECISE Selling Live Academy

This program overviews the strategies and techniques for leading successful consultative sales talks. Your team will discover how to uncover the complete buyer needs, create persuasive solutions, and present a convincing argument to secure the sale.

Expert-Level Consultative Sales Approaches

This program hones your team’s abilities to influence change in buyer perspectives, generate demand, and secure deals. Sellers will enhance their skills to stand out and elevate your company’s reputation by demonstrating value and serving as a reliable advisor.

PRECISE Selling Virtual Selling

Develop the skills to persuade customers in a digital sales environment. This entails optimizing technology, grasping the details of online sales interactions, and forming relationships and partnerships with buyers. Through this learning process, your team will acquire the knowledge to succeed in virtual sales.

Account Maintenance and Support

In this hands-on learning workshop, your team will acquire the skills to grow, penetrate, and defend your most valuable and high-potential client accounts. This program, which recognizes the vast opportunity for revenue growth in this area, offers a validated method for key account planning to put into action.

Significant Sale Success

To be successful in sales, a winning plan must be in place from the beginning. This training program covers strategies and actions to secure the maximum number of sales wins while fostering a consistent sales approach across your team. This training emphasizes a customer-centric sales planning approach and covers selling to diverse decision-makers and positions.

PRECISE Sales leads

This training program helps sellers identify and cultivate new sales leads and maintain a steady flow of high-potential opportunities. Your team will develop a comprehensive attraction strategy incorporating the best practices of prospecting through email, video, phone, and social media channels.

PRECISE Negotiations

This program focuses on empowering sales representatives with the ability to navigate negotiations with astute buyers. To maintain high levels of profit, margin, and customer satisfaction, the program will provide sellers with the skills necessary to drive value in their negotiations and establish solid agreements.

Managing Sales Activities

Comprehensive sales management is more than just leading meetings. Exceptional sales managers consistently provide coaching, conduct productive conversations with their teams, and execute crucial responsibilities. Invest in training your sales managers in the key skills and behaviors that drive top performance.

Secrets of Unbeatable Productivity

Unleash Your Sales Squad’s Potential with the Power of Time Management, Productivity, and Motivation. Lead them to greatness by encouraging them to focus on mission-critical tasks, embody efficient habits, and execute their work with a fierce drive for excellence.

PRECISE Leadership and Coaching

Establish a thriving coaching culture at your organization – give your managers and leaders the wings to soar. By providing training, you equip them with the necessary skills and tools to excel as top-performing sales coaches, drive seller motivation, promote action, foster growth, and secure wins.

Action and Results-Oriented Coaching

This important part of our education system helps you enhance your sales teams’ results with the right approach to assisting them in learning new skills, creating actionable plans, and executing them effectively.

Training Methods

We’ve separated our sales training programs into a comprehensive collection of distinct, transferable, and modular units of learning that focus on specific skills necessary for sellers, account managers, and sales managers to excel.

Each component is crafted to enhance learning outcomes and captivate the contemporary learner. To learn more about our perspective on sales transformation, visit us. Instruction can be provided through various training modalities, including:

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    Live Training Sessions

    Witness your sales team’s success firsthand. In on-location sessions, your salespeople engage in group activities, and discussions in small and large groups to develop their skills and immediately put them into practice. Pre-training preparation and post-training coaching help maximize the sessions’ impact, ensure learning is retained, and drive lasting behavioral changes.

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    Remote Instructor-Guided Training

    Develop a team in different locations through an adult-focused, virtual-optimized training process. Our virtual training methodology incorporates spaced repetition, micro-learning, multimedia, coaching, and hands-on assignments to enhance learning and retention.

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    Instructor Training Program

    Empower your trainers to bring our top-notch sales methodology to life, giving you more control and versatility in your sales training endeavors. Our program opens up access to PRECISE Selling’s facilitator resources for your trainers and equips them with the coaching, support, and certification required to steer your training initiatives toward success.

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    Full Access

    Incorporate an exceptional sales approach with limitless access to our complete set of award-winning sales training programs, including online courses, performance-enhancing tools, learning journeys, and resources for your entire team. Total Access is adaptable to meet your specific needs and helps you achieve the desired outcomes from your training efforts.

Boost your team’s performance with sales training.

Unleash the power of PRECISE Selling’s dynamic, multi-modal approach to sales training and experience the transformation it brings in behavior and the remarkable outcomes it generates.

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