Sales Negotiation

Maintain high levels of profits, ensuring customer happiness, and achieving healthy margins.

Today’s buyers are highly informed and always searching for the Looking for most favorable benefits in terms of their investments.. They tend to negotiate when making a commitment to obtain a more favorable deal.

Effective negotiation is important for buyers to accomplish their objectives and manage their resources, and it’s equally important for sellers to maintain high levels of margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction. The PRECISE Sales Negotiation program equips your team with the necessary skills to achieve attain outcomes that are advantageous for both your business and your customers.

  • Gain a 9.3 times greater chance of successful negotiations by choosing PRECISE Sales Negotiation training.

  • 78% of Top Performers have an increased likelihood of generating repeat business from their buyers after effective negotiations.

  • For 73% of Top Performers, presenting multiple offers that are equally valued has proven to be a highly effective strategy.

There is a tremendous opportunity for businesses to enhance their sales negotiation skills. By prioritizing value over price and expanding the benefits for both parties, companies can achieve their objectives more effectively. In fact, sharing new ideas and insights with buyers is the second most significant difference between Top Performers and The Rest.

With PRECISE Sales Negotiation, Your team will acquire the necessary skills to lead with value and secure optimal deals
Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize your company’s potential.

Modular Approach to Developing Sales Negotiation Skills

We understand that each business is unique, which is why we offer a modular approach to sales negotiation skill development. With over 70 portable, modular blocks, we’ll collaborate with you to design a customized curriculum that includes the sales negotiation content that’s most relevant to your business. Our content, tools, and cohorts are tailored to fit your needs, ensuring that you receive training that’s relevant to your world.

  • 6 Key Elements of Sales Negotiation
  • Learn how to manage your BATNA effectively
  • Gain mastery in leading negotiations with Sales Negotiation
  • Elevate the benefits and outcomes of your negotiations.
  • Effectively manage common buyer negotiation tactics
  • Develop your negotiation skills through simulated negotiation
  • Master the art of managing the emotional aspect of negotiations.
  • Learn to trade rather than concede during negotiations

Explore our comprehensive range of sales training programs that encompass the entire sales cycle, from prospecting and consultative selling to web selling, winning most of your sales, account management, and sales management.

Find out more about our extensive suite of sales training programs.

Customized Sales Negotiation Training Tailored for Adult Learning

Our Strategic Account Management Training program is designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. Each modular block focuses on a specific topic and includes  introductory work, face-to-face training sessions, tasks, and one-on-one support. Our training methodology is specifically designed to ensure that participants retain what they learn, adopt new behaviors, and achieve tangible results

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    Expand Your Knowledge

    Our training program starts with Brief learning units, video-based lessons, and skill-building exercises. to introduce participants to essential concepts before attending the classroom sessions. This pre-work is designed to help learners understand and engage with the material, making the most of their classroom experience.

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    Team up and exercise

    Our program utilizes Compact Educational Units and Multimedia Content to support Techniques to Help Sales Professionals Remember What They’ve Learned. Our Practical Assignments let sales professionals practice using new skills in real-life sales settings, ensuring on-the-job utilization and increasing confidence.

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    Participate and Train

    Our classroom sessions are engaging and collaborative, designed for both Online and On-Site delivery. With a strong focus on Hands-On Experience, Implementation, and Review, participants learn to put theory into action and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

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    Our Workplace Skills Coaching assists sales professionals between sessions with Improving abilities, increasing self-assurance, and ensuring practical usage. Through expert guidance and accountability, we help participants optimize their abilities and meet their objectives.

    Once the curriculum is completed, sales professionals are provided with coaching and held responsible for implementing their Freshly gained competencies and embedding new behaviors through our Skill Embedding Methodology.

PRECISE Sales Negotiation has transformed our sales process, equipping us with a shared language to use during sales conversations, boosting our sellers’ confidence and success, and ultimately enabling us to surpass our sales goals. We’re grateful for the impact PRECISE has had on our business.

Lucille C. Servidio, Senior Vice President, Capaccio Environmental Engineering,

Achieve success like our satisfied clients.

By partnering with PRECISE Sales Negotiation, cStor was able to increase its gross profit margin on sales won by an impressive 12.2%.

After identifying inconsistencies in their sales approach, cStor engaged Precise Group in a long-term effort to implement a consistent sales methodology.

Through comprehensive assessments, training workshops, coaching and reinforcement, and recruitment support, Precise Group was able to significantly improve cStor’s sales performance. The results speak for themselves:

  • Achieve a year-over-year improvement of 15.2% in closed deals
  • Increase gross profit margin on sales won by an impressive 12.2%
  • Decrease the average time it takes to close a deal by 10.4%
  • Gain recognition for your success through prestigious awards, like the Stevie Award for Sales Training/Coaching Program of the Year

Explore our full case study to learn more about the impact of PRECISE Sales Negotiation on businesses like yours.

Sales negotiation tools and knowledge to help you succeed.

Elevate Your Sales Team’s Performance with Negotiation Training

Unlock the full potential of your sales team through PRECISE Sales Negotiation’s transformational training approach. Our program is designed to help your team develop the essential negotiation skills required to succeed in today’s competitive market.