Sales Training Reinforcement

"Without Practice, up to 77% of Knowledge can diminish within 6 days."

"Continuous improvement and ongoing support for your sales team are crucial, which is why we've made reinforcement an integral part of our Craft, Deliver, Enable process."

At Precise, we believe that effective training requires learning, practice, and practice over time. That's why we've created a comprehensive education system that includes strong training reinforcement to help your sales team retain new skills and apply them in real-world scenarios.

"Reinforcing your sales training is crucial for achieving lasting sales improvement and driving revenue growth in your organization."

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It’s not enough to simply teach your sales team what to do. Without the right reinforcement and coaching processes, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to implement those skills consistently. Our approach provides the support and guidance necessary to ensure that your team changes their behaviors and consistently performs at the top of their game.

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Maximize your sales training ROI by utilizing reinforcement strategies. These techniques help ensure that your training investment has a lasting impact and is effectively applied in the workplace.

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The sales training reinforcement approach of RAIN Group produces a 94% engagement rate and improves knowledge retention by 170%. Our method involves repeated exposure to new skills in short intervals, resulting in lasting skill-building.

Empowering Seller Success through Strengthened Sales Training

Customized reinforcement for yourorganization’s sales training is essential. Although each program has its own requirements, we provide the following reinforcement:

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    Sales Training Support

    Coaching is an integral part of our training reinforcement approach. Our coaching services can be provided directly to sellers or to your team coaches. Our experienced

    coaches meet regularly with your team members to assist them in developing goal-oriented plans, enhancing skills, and staying focused on their objectives.

    Discover more about our coaching services.

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    Continuous Sales Training

    Our continuous sales training program allows for in-depth exploration of specific areas introduced in our training programs. During these sessions, we provide practice opportunities for real-life situations, teach advanced strategies, and practice previous learning.

    To learn more about our continuous training programs, please visit our website.

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    Virtual Sales Training

    Our comprehensive virtual sales training offers a collection of online courses covering critical topics for sales success. The lessons, environment, and curriculum can be tailored to your company’s unique needs or seamlessly integrated into your learning management system (LMS).

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    Precise MailSM

    Precise Mail provides a unique sales training experience through gamification using sales scenarios that sellers respond to through mobile and email. This approach promotes friendly competition, increases learning engagement, guides seller behavior, and assists with analysis and coaching, all while driving knowledge retention. Additionally, the platform can be customized to your organization’s needs.

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    Live Online Training Sessions

    Transform your team’s skills with our Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) sessions. Our interactive sessions provide a collaborative learning environment, allowing your team to receive guidance on real-life situations and learn advanced skills. Our training sessions are built around specific topics to fill in the skill gaps of your team and improve performance.

    Discover how our VILT can help your team achieve sales success.

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    Sales Results Accelerator Program

    Maximize the impact of your training with the innovative and revolutionary, 90-day experience of our Productivity Code Challenge. Our proven approach drives accountability, behavior change, and habit formation, and unleashes your sales potential for long-term results.

    Discover more about this powerful solution on our website.

“We chose Precise Group for their reinforcement approach, which we knew was essential for making the training stick. The live sessions were just the beginning, and we needed ongoing support for our learners. The technological tools and interactive elements were particularly impressive. Thanks to Precise Group, we’ve seen a significant impact on our business development and membership growth.”

  • Ed Powers, VP of Membership & Business Development, First Tech Federal Credit Union

Achieve success like our satisfied clients.

Lee Hecht Harrison achieved a 43% year-over-year Increase in global business acquisition.

In an effort to stand out from its competitors, Lee Hecht Harrison enlisted the help of Precise Group to create personalized messaging tools and conduct Insight Selling workshops for its sales team worldwide.

The Insight Selling program, which involved tailored messaging tools, action learning, and a complete learning system, was instrumental in enhancing the knowledge, sales expertise, and results of LHH’s sellers. Notable achievements by LHH include:

  • Global growth of new business wins increased by 43% year-over-year.
  • Global growth of new business opportunities increased by 37% year-over-year.

Value of new business grew by 25% globally.

Boost Your Team’s Sales Performance with Our Proven Training Methods

Discover how RAIN Group’s innovative techniques for changing behavior and reinforcing sales training can enhance your team’s seles expertise.