Strategic/Key Account Management

Unlock Revenue Growth Potential with Strategic Account Management

Are you capitalizing on the revenue growth potential of your existing accounts? Selling to existing accounts across capability areas is a significant opportunity for revenue growth, yet many businesses struggle to fully leverage it.

Our Strategic Account Management program introduces a proven process for strategic account planning, which helps account managers systematically review and grow their most important accounts. Top performers in strategic account management experience greater revenue growth, profit growth, and year-over-year client satisfaction.

With our program, your team will gain the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to penetrate, expand, and protect your key accounts.

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    Sales leaders prioritize increasing business with existing accounts as their #1 goal for the coming year.

    76% of companies believe they could generate at least 25% more revenue from their strategic accounts

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    62% of companies feel they are falling short in their efforts to optimize sales to existing accounts in various capability areas.

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    Many leaders recognize the potential to increase sales by focusing on existing accounts, but few are successful in turning that potential into actual growth. With Strategic Account Management, we provide your team with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and plan of action to take advantage of this opportunity and expand your important accounts.


To begin, take action by getting started with Strategic Account Management.

Building block approach to Developing Account Management Skills

We offer a flexible approach to developing account management skills through our modular program. With more than 70 portable modules to choose from, we can collaborate with you to create a customized curriculum that meets your team’s specific needs for strategic and key account management. Our content, tools, and cohorts are all personalized to suit your unique environment. Our Strategic and Key Account Management modules cover a variety of topics, including

  • Expand your strategic and key accounts' potential
  • Evaluate stakeholders and their influence on decision-making
  • Develop a robust account pipeline with new opportunities
  • Facilitate workshops to explore and discuss values and their impact
  • Establish account objectives and key metrics for evaluation
  • Identify key accounts for the intensive pursuit
  • Analyze competitors and develop strategic plans for account success
  • Implement impactful actions to secure account success
  • Build stronger customer connections to reinforce relationships
  • Achieve success in account research with effective strategies
  • Evaluate and test account plans through venture capital funding methods.

Explore our complete range of modules covering the entire sales process, including lead generation, advanced consultative selling, virtual sales, winning major accounts, account management, and sales team leadership.

Visit our website to learn more about our extensive selection of sales training programs.”

Customized Strategic Account Management Training Tailored for Adult Learning

Our Strategic Account Management Training program is designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. Each modular block focuses on a specific topic and includes  introductory work, face-to-face training sessions, tasks, and one-on-one support. Our training methodology is specifically designed to ensure that participants retain what they learn, adopt new behaviors, and achieve tangible results

  • Expand Your Knowledge

    Our training program starts with Brief learning units, video-based lessons, and skill-building exercises. to introduce participants to essential concepts before attending the classroom sessions. This pre-work is designed to help learners understand and engage with the material, making the most of their classroom experience.

  • Team up and exercise

    Our program utilizes Compact Modules and Multimedia Content to support Techniques to Help Sales Professionals Remember What They’ve Learned. Our Practical Assignments let sales professionals practice using new skills in real-life sales settings, ensuring on-the-job utilization and increasing confidence.

  • Participate and Train

    Our classroom sessions are engaging and collaborative, designed for both Online and On-Site delivery. With a strong focus on Hands-On Experience, Implementation, and Review, participants learn to put theory into action and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

  • Optimize

    Our Workplace Skills Coaching assists sales professionals between sessions with Improving abilities, increasing self-assurance, and ensuring practical usage. Through expert guidance and accountability, we help participants optimize their abilities and meet their objectives.

    Once the curriculum is completed, sales professionals are provided with coaching and held responsible for implementing their Freshly gained competencies and embedding new behaviors through our Skill Embedding Methodology.

PRECISE Selling is simple and digestible, and it flat out works! It works for reps across all markets in sales, it works for our management team when selling our company’s value proposition and services to new manufacturer and distributor partners, and perhaps most importantly, it builds the foundation for great communication and trust with prospects and targets of all kinds.

Achieve success like our satisfied clients.

Strategic accounts grow by 110% year-over-year for Woodard & Curran.

The growth and expansion of Woodard & Curran’s offerings posed a challenge in effectively showcasing their complete capabilities to current clients. In response, Precise Group was brought in to develop a process for growing existing accounts.

After conducting a skills assessment to pinpoint areas of Advantages and limitations. Precise Group developed a customized Program for managing strategic accounts with personalized tools and reinforced learning through online resources. This methodology yielded significant key metrics.

Implementing Precise Group’s strategic account method led to a 110% year-over-year growth in the designated accounts.
One account saw a surge in sales from $250,000 to $3.5 million over the specified period.

To gain access to the full case study, click on the link provided.



Advice and assets for efficient Account Management


Elevate Your Team’s Sales with Account Management Training

Unleash your team’s full potential in Account leadership and management with the help of Precise Group’s proven training and behavior change methods.