Train the Trainer

Recognized Sales Training Certification for Your Team

The success of any training initiative is strongly influenced by having a facilitator that is the right fit for the program.

Exceptional sales trainers have the ability to engage and energize learners, fostering an environment of enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and drive, while instilling self-assurance and motivating sellers to take action.

Our Train the Trainer program empowers your trainers to successfully deliver our renowned sales methodology, giving you the flexibility and control to manage your sales training program with ease.

Start implementing successful sales training programs with the support, resources, coaching, and certification your trainers need to drive change and achieve results.

Certify Your Trainers with Our Train the Trainer Process

Achieve swift and efficient trainer certification with our proven Train the Trainer process.
  • Start-Up and Beginning

    Prepare for success with our Start-Up and Beginning package, which includes self-study lessons, training videos, session plans, instructor guides, and more.


  • Learning & Readiness

    Trainers undergo a comprehensive preparation process, utilizing learning modules, past deliveries, videos, and other resources. They work closely with a master facilitator to ensure they are fully adept at leading their own training sessions.

  • Assess & Approve

    After completing the training, trainers conduct an internal session, which is then evaluated and assessed by a master facilitator. Upon successful delivery, certification is awarded to the trainers.

  • Assistance & Enhance

    Trainers get coaching and support for their facilitation, with guidance before and feedback after their sessions. We maintain a continuous partnership to ensure that the quality of the training improves over time.

Learning Support Materials for Trainers

Your trainers will have the opportunity to explore Precise Group’s facilitator library, where they can learn about the best practices for delivering the training, access all module content, and receive one-on-one coaching from a master facilitator.
  • Flexible Self-Study Lessons

    Group 3207Our learning modules are designed to accommodate your trainers’ schedules and learning pace.


  • Video guides for training sessions.

    Group 3205Each training module is accompanied by a video guide and the best techniques.


  • Program Materials for Complete Training

    Group 3204Trainers will have access to all necessary resources, including module run sheets, in-depth facilitator notes, and Application Coaching guides.

  • Recordings with Guided Instructions

    Group 3204Trainers receive guidance from annotated recordings of previous training sessions.


  • Quality assurance checklist for delivery

    Group 3202

    A performance evaluation tool that establishes criteria and goals for trainers and deliveries.


  • Guidance for trainers

    Group 3203Provide your trainers with the opportunity to receive one-on-one access to master facilitators, who will offer advice and feedback to help them continuously improve their skills over time.

The Train the Trainer program is designed to cater to facilitators with varying levels of experience and learning styles, with a single certification that prepares them to deliver all program content.

"Four Essential Elements for Effective Training Delivery"

Trainers from Precise Group and clients are assessed on a 4-point scale, guaranteeing that your investment in training is entrusted to trainers who possess a deep understanding of the subject matter, can skillfully maneuver through a live delivery setting, and have the ability to regularly deliver transformative learning experiences. Facilitators are evaluated on four critical delivery factors:
  • Communicate the purpose and desired outcomes of the session with enthusiasm and clarity?
  • Encourage participants to step outside their comfort zones and embrace new ways of thinking and acting?
  • Demonstrate credibility through their background, stories, and expertise?
  • Show expertise in the content and materials?
  • Tailor the session to fit the participants’ specific company, market, customers, etc.?
  • Connect the session to the broader learning journey?
  • Infuse the training with a mix of entertainment and education to make it engaging and lively
  • Establish an appropriate tone for the session to create a positive and productive learning environment
  • Take control of the room while still putting the focus on the participants, making them feel valued and involved in the training experience.
  • Can the facilitator efficiently manage the time and run sheet?
  • Are they skilled in keeping the audience engaged through the use of annotations, stories, questions, polls, etc.?
  • Do they know when to allocate more time to certain topics and when to move on to the next?

Great facilitators can inspire trust and confidence in participants, leading them to believe that the session is valuable, the desired outcomes are achievable, and that they have the ability to succeed. Our Train the Trainer program will empower your trainers to consistently achieve these results.

Train your trainers to deliver our content with certification.

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