Winning Major Sales

Transform Your Sales Approach And Win Major Sales

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. Sun Tzu’s ancient wisdom still holds true today. At Precise Group, we provide a comprehensive, systematic, and repeatable training program to help your sellers create winning sales strategies and execute them effectively, from everyday sales to the most important opportunities.

Our Winning Major Sales training covers the rigorous opportunity planning tool, infusing value throughout the sales process from a customer-focused perspective, and much more.

Check out some of the benefits of Winning Major Sales:

  • Consistent sales success with 86% of Elite Performers agreeing that their sellers have the skills to drive sales
  • Average win rate of 73% on proposed business for Elite Performers
  • Enhanced customer focus, as 52% of companies lack a customer-focused sales process

Take the first step in maximizing value, differentiating, and winning your major opportunities with PRECISE Selling’s Winning Major Sales.

Modular Approach to Developing Skills

With over 70 portable, modular blocks, PRECISE Selling works with you to create a customized curriculum with the sales skills and opportunity management content your team needs to win your most important sales. Our content, tools, and cohorts are tailored to your unique business environment.

  • Create Buyer Action and Change with the Buyer Change Blueprint
  • Run Win Labs with Confidence and Impact
  • Stakeholder analysis for decision making
  • Plan and Prepare to Outshine Competitors
  • Deliver Powerful Deal Presentations with Live Coaching
  • Outsell the Competition with Effective Plays and Big Plays
  • Craft Compelling Proposal Presentations that Close Deals
  • See Value from the Buyer's Perspective with Our Approach

Addition to winning major sales, we offer a full curriculum of modules covering the sales cycle from prospecting to consultative selling, virtual selling, account management, and sales management.

Customized Training Tailored for Adult Learning

Our Strategic Account Management Training program is designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. Each modular block focuses on a specific topic and includes  introductory work, face-to-face training sessions, tasks, and one-on-one support. Our training methodology is specifically designed to ensure that participants retain what they learn, adopt new behaviors, and achieve tangible results

  • Expand Your Knowledge

    Our training program starts with compact modules, video-based lessons, and skill-building exercises. to introduce participants to essential concepts before attending the classroom sessions. This pre-work is designed to help learners understand and engage with the material, making the most of their classroom experience.

  • Team up and exercise

    Our program utilizes compact Modules and Multimedia Content to support Techniques to Help Sales Professionals Remember What They’ve Learned. Our Practical Assignments let sales professionals practice using new skills in real-life sales settings, ensuring on-the-job utilization and increasing confidence.

  • Participate and Train

    Our classroom sessions are engaging and collaborative, designed for both Online and On-Site delivery. With a strong focus on Hands-On Experience, Implementation, and Review, participants learn to put theory into action and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

  • Optimize

    Our Coaches assist sales professionals between sessions with Improving abilities, increasing self-assurance, and ensuring practical usage. Through expert guidance and accountability, we help participants optimize their abilities and meet their objectives.

    Once the curriculum is completed, sales professionals are provided with coaching and held responsible for implementing their Freshly gained competencies and embedding new behaviors through our Skill Embedding Methodology.

Achieving Success in Major Sales revolutionized our approach to opportunity management. Each year, we do three new hire training classes where a PRECISE Selling Day and a Half Bootcamp is delivered. We then follow with bimonthly webinars. Brian Sullivan also speaks at our quarterly SyncWeek meetings with a focus on a new topic each time. This reminds our people that our initial training investment was just a “one and done” program. We could not have picked a better partner than PRECISE Selling..

– Global Sales Director, Fortune 500 Company

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    A 63% increase in sales bookings.

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    Double the number of large deal wins.

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    Achieved a 35% increase in the number of sellers hitting quota.Significantly improved

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    sales cycle time by 20%.

Advice and Assets for Sales Opportunity Management

Increase Your Win Rate on Major Sales

Discover how Precise Group’s revolutionary training and behavior change approach can help your team enhance their ability to win on your significant opportunities.